Sonicwall NGFWs

(Next Generation Firewall)

SonicWall firewalls are designed to protect networks from a variety of threats, including malware, viruses, and other cyber attacks.

SonicWall firewalls provide a range of features, including deep packet inspection, intrusion prevention, VPN connectivity, content filtering, and application control. These features work together to provide comprehensive security for networks of all sizes.
SonicWall offers several firewall solutions, including:
SonicWall TZ Series:

This is a series of next-generation firewalls designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The TZ Series offers a range of security features and is easy to set up and manage.
SonicWall Nsa Series:

This is a series of advanced firewalls designed for larger organizations. the Nsa series provides high-performance security and scalability to meet the needs of growing businesses.