SonicWall Endpoint

SonicWall provides a range of endpoint security solutions that protect against advanced threats and provide visibility and control over endpoints. These solutions are designed to be easy to use and can be integrated with other SonicWall security products for comprehensive network security.
Here are some of SonicWall's endpoint security solutions:
SonicWall Capture Client:

This is an advanced endpoint protection solution that provides comprehensive malware protection, ransomware prevention, and advanced threat prevention. It includes features such as behavioral analysis, machine learning, and anti-exploit technology to protect against zero-day attacks.
SonicWall Endpoint Detection and Response:

This is a cloud-based endpoint detection and response solution that provides advanced threat detection and response capabilities. It includes features such as real-time monitoring, threat hunting, and incident response to help organizations quickly identify and respond to cyber threats.
SonicWall Network Security Manager:

This is a centralized management solution that provides visibility and control over SonicWall network security appliances and endpoints. It includes features such as policy management, reporting, and analytics to help organizations effectively manage their security infrastructure.