SonicWall IOT

SonicWall offers a range of solutions to help secure Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the networks they connect to. With the growing number of IoT devices being deployed in business environments, it is increasingly important to have a comprehensive security strategy in place to protect against cyber threats.
Here are some of SonicWall's solutions for IoT security:
SonicWall Secure Mobile Access:

This is a remote access solution that provides secure access to business resources from any device, including IoT devices. It includes features such as multi-factor authentication, device profiling, and VPN access to ensure that IoT devices are securely connected to the network.
SonicWall Network Security:

SonicWall's network security solutions provide advanced threat protection and network segmentation to protect against cyber threats and prevent lateral movement across the network. This is particularly important for IoT devices, which are often targeted by attackers as an entry point into the network.
SonicWall WiFi:

SonicWall's WiFi solutions provide secure wireless connectivity for IoT devices, with features such as WPA3 encryption, rogue access point detection, and wireless intrusion prevention to protect against cyber threats and ensure that only authorized devices are connected to the network.